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2021 YAC Girls

Travel Softball Program
About the YAC Girls Softball Travel Program:
The YAC Girls Softball Travel program participates in the TriCounty Fastpich League. 
In order for a girl to play on a YAC travel team she must attend the scheduled tryout as well as either play on a school sanctioned team or a YAC in-house team.  If she plays on a YAC in-house team she must make at least 50% of all in-house games as well as at least 50% of scheduled in-house practices.  The only exception would be if a travel team is in need of players because not enough girls have tried out to fill out a travel roster.  Then girls not playing on a school team or meeting the requirements of in-house could be asked to join a travel team.  No girl that meets the school or in-house requirements will be cut to make room for a girl not meeting said requirements.  If a girl makes the travel team and later does not meet the requirements of playing on a school or in-house team, she will be removed from the travel team and no money will be refunded.

Team Selection and Tryouts:
Try-outs and team selection will be conducted in late July. Per the YAC Travel Softball Program policy, the YAC Softball Commissioner will evaluate the players participating in the tryout. The player evaluations are based on a predetermined player skills assessment sheet, so that each player is evaluated fairly, and rated on the same skills assessment scale. Depending on level of interest YAC Softball may sponsor teams at the 10U, 12U, 14U levels. Eligibility is determined by player’s age as of 1/1/2021. Upon completion of the tryouts, the girls will be ranked seperately in their appropriate division.  The top 11 girls will automatically make the team.  Once a coach is selected he/she will then have two discretionary picks to round out his/her team. Yac Softball has a one player limit on athletes who reside outside the Yorktown Central School District. 
Cost to participate:
The YAC Girls Softball Travel program is a self-funded program that is separate from the YAC Spring In-house Program. Registration for a tryout is free.  Each coach will work with either the Assistant Commissioner or Commissioner of Softball to determine his/her team's budget.  Players who make a travel team will then be charged a seperate fee based upon your team's budget.  The fees collected will be used to pay for umpires, the TC team registration fee, team administrative and equipment costs, as well as any other team costs that are incurred during the travel season.  Girls playing travel will be required to have 1 complete set of a travel uniform.  If a girl is new to the YAC Travel program or is in need of a new uniform, she will be charged an additional amount (above the team fee) to cover the the cost of the uniform.  All money collected will be spent only on the travel team each girl makes.   With the difficult economy, we try to keep the cost down as minimal as possible and no longer require new uniforms every season.
The TC Season:
The TC schedule has not been determined at this time. However, the first game of the TC season are generally scheduled to begin after the local town recreational leagues have ended – and the season is scheduled to end approximately by August 1st.
The TC Season consists of approximately 15 – 20 games. Games are generally played on weekday nights and some weekends, and may include 2 or 3 games in a week. Generally, weeknight games are scheduled to start at 6:00pm and players are required to report to the field an hour before the start of a game. Home games are scheduled to be played at Chelsea field, Downing Pavilion or the Yorktown HS field.  Away games can range in distance from 15 minutes and up to 45 minutes. It is recommended that parents communicate to each other and create a car pool for players who need assistance getting either to or from games.
Player/Parent Commitment:
The YAC Team practices will begin in the winter months (indoors) and then sometime in mid-April practices go outside (depending upon the weather and field conditions.) Travel team practices will run concurrently with the YAC in-house season, but will not supercede any in-house softball activities.  Preseason YAC travel team practices can be scheduled once a week on either Saturdays or Sundays, and after all in-house activities are complete. As the season approaches, a weekday practice may be added as well based upon field availability. When the season begins, practice time is paired down and could become less frequent, where games are played more often.
Please keep in mind that not all players who tryout will make the Travel Team.  There also is no guarantee that sisters will both make a travel team. 
We ask that players and their families selectively schedule vacation and other activities during the season/month of July. Ideally, travel players vacation in August. We recognize that July is a family vacation month, and don’t foresee a problem with a player taking a short vacation.  However, if a player and their family have several weekday vacations or two consecutive weeks scheduled in July for vacation– where the player could miss 7 or more games, we ask the player and their parents consider the overall commitment that is required to play on the WPBA travel team.
If your daughter is interested in playing on a Summer Softball Travel Team, please fill out the application and follow the instructions on the application for submission. 
If you have any questions or comments with regard to the information presented, please contact YAC Softball Travel Commissioner:

      Nicole Fasce