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YAC Girls 14 & Under Rules



The 14 & Under division provides equal and full participation of all team members, development of sportsmanship and the fun and challenge of competition.  In this division, girls learn techniques including base stealing and bunting to improve skills and increase enjoyment of the game.    


Scores of each game in this division are kept and reported so that standings may be kept.   Winning is one objective of play in this division but good sportsmanship and equal play remain paramount.   Girls are encouraged to improve through skill building, practice, discipline and teamwork.   Practicing at home is also strongly encouraged.


Games are on Saturdays with an occasional weeknight game.  Due to a small number of girls registering that are 13-14 or 15 years old, we have been only able to comprise 1-2 teams.  As a result we have played teams from Taconic (Shrub Oak), Somers, North Salem, Lewisboro and Croton to allow this group of girls to continue to play.  All home games will be played at Downing Park Pavilion Field or Chelsea Field.  


A note on Pitching in the 15 & Under Division – Pitching remains one the most sought after, yet most difficult positions to master.   Coaches are encouraged to make sure that pitchers have significant practice time outside of a game before attempting to pitch in a game.


14 & Under Division Rules



1.1         All players present at a game must play. Each player who consistently attends practice must play a minimum of 2 innings of each game in the infield. 

1.2         Players will have opportunities in infield and outfield positions throughout the season.  Coaches have discretion over who plays each position - particularly first base, pitcher and catcher.  This is due to safety reasons (at first base and catcher), the need to provide a reasonably competitive playing experience while advancing the game at a reasonable pace (pitching and catching).  It is the coach’s duty to ensure that every girl has opportunities in the infield and outfield during the season.

2           Number of Players

2.1         10 fielders may play the field.  A maximum of 4 players (excluding the pitcher and catcher) can play in the infield prior to the ball crossing the plate.

2.2         A team must have 8 players to play an official game.  There is 15-minute grace period before a forfeit is called.   Games may be played with less than 8 players, but the game shall not be recorded as an official game.  

2.3         Each team provides a written line-up to the opposing team and posts their own line-up for their players to review at least 10 minutes before the scheduled game time.  Players arriving after the lineups are shared or after the first pitch are added as the last position in the lineup.

2.4         Teams with 8 players may request a defensive player from the opposing team to fill an outfield position.  The player playing defense for the opposing team is the last batter due in up in the inning.  That player continues to bat for her own team.

3           Batting

3.1         Roster batting is in effect.  All girls are in the lineup and bat whether or not they are playing the field.

3.2         Any player entering the game after the first pitch must be placed last in the batting order.

3.3         If in an inning, more than 5 runs are scored, the play will be completed, but the team will record only 5 runs.  In other words, if the batting team has scored 4 runs in the inning, has bases loaded and the batter hits a long double, the play should continue until its normal completion but only 5 runs will be recorded and the batting team will then take the field.  

3.4         In the last inning, 3 outs are required, regardless of the number of runs scored.   When the umpire declares that an inning is the last inning due to reaching the no-new inning time, there will be unlimited batters in that inning until 3 outs are made.  However, if the visiting team was limited to 5 runs (before the time limit call), then the home team will also be limited to 5 runs. 

3.5         For unlimited batters to be used in the ‘final inning,’ an announcement of the final inning must take place at the top of the inning. 

3.6         Players may bat twice in an inning. 


4           Bunting

4.1         There is unlimited bunting.

4.2         There will be no slap bunting after faking a drop bunt.  In other words, if a batter shows a bunting position, she may only perform a traditional bunt (no swing) or take (do not attempt to bunt) the pitch.  Swinging at a pitch which the batter showed bunt will be called an out.


5           Base Running

5.1         Base runners cannot leave the base (lead) until the ball is released. Base runners must return to their base when the catcher has returned the ball to the pitcher, and no play is made.

5.2         Players may advance an extra base (an additional base after she has already stolen a base) if the ball is overthrown during a steal attempt.  This also includes home.  Home may be stolen.

5.3         Base runners leaving the base early may be called out.  This is a judgment call by the umpire.  There is no requirement for a warning.

5.4         If the catcher drops the ball on the 3rd strike, the batter can attempt to advance and the catcher may try to make the out at first base.  All other base runners may also advance including a runner on 3rd base.

5.6         Players running to first base, and running through the base attempting to beat a throw, must use the orange part of the base.  The white part of the base *may* be used if the first base player occupied the orange part of the base in an effort to catch a thrown ball.

5.7         Runners must slide at home plate when the catcher has the ball or is about to receive the ball at home plate.  Runners advancing to any other base should avoid contact (usually by sliding) with any player in possession of the ball.  The umpire may call out any player who does not slide or avoid contact (this is a judgment call by the umpire).

In summary:  Runners must avoid contact (in most cases by sliding) when approaching any base where a fielder has the ball. 

5.8         Fielders without the ball may not obstruct runners or block any base. 


6           Pitching

6.1         A pitcher may pitch a maximum of FOUR innings per game; however, no more than two consecutive innings per game and the fourth must be the 6th inning. 


Following are some sample scenarios for the innings in which one pitcher may pitch. 
There may be other scenarios, these are for illustration purposes only.









Scenario A







Scenario B







Scenario C







Scenario D







6.2         One pitched ball is considered an inning pitched

6.3         Extra innings are treated as a new game.  That is, the innings pitched for each pitcher reverts to zero after the sixth inning. 

6.4         A coach is allowed 3 trips per game to the mound without a pitcher substitution.  Each subsequent visit (the fourth visit, fifth visit and on) will require a change in pitcher. (ASA rule)

6.5         The pitching distance is 40 feet.

6.6         All ASA pitching rules apply including: starting with 2 feet touching the pitching rubber; the pitcher may only step toward the catcher; the pitcher may not ‘practice throws’ with a better in the batter’s box, without releasing the ball while standing on the mound.

6.7         The strike zone will be called at the umpire’s discretion.  Arguing balls and strikes is a violation of the Code of Conduct and is grounds for ejection from the game.

7           Fielding

7.1         The first base player must use the white base.  The orange base should not be used to make a putout at first base on a routine play; however, the umpire may allow the use of the orange part of the base in certain cases of errant throws.

7.2         Fielders may not block any base if they do not have possession of the ball.  If a player is standing in the base path without the ball, the umpire may call obstruction declaring that the fielder interfered with the base runner and award the base to the runner and any additional bases the umpire believes the player would have reached if the obstruction did not occur.

In summary: fielders without the ball may not obstruct runners or block any base.  Runners must avoid contact – in most cases by sliding - when approaching any base where a fielder has the ball. 

8           Safety

8.1         All girls must wear batting helmets with a strap and faceguard (both stamped with the NOCSAE label) while batting, running the bases, in the on-deck circle, in coaches’ box or anywhere in-bounds. If a fielder wishes to wear a helmet she is permitted to do so.  

8.2         Any player catching for a pitcher – including in practice off the field - must wear a mask with throat protector.

8.3     All fielders must wear a mouthguard.  If a girl does not have a mouthguard at a game, she will not be allowed to play the field and will only bat.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

8.3         A team will receive one warning with regard to batters throwing bats. The second time the batter will be out, and base runners must return to the bases occupied before the call was made.  This is a team warning and not an individual warning.

8.4         Players are strongly encouraged to wear sliding shorts and a sliding pad.

8.5         The on-deck area is the fenced in box within the dugout areas. This is the only place an on-deck batter may swing and only one person is allowed in this area at a time.  

9           Time Limit – Length of Game

9.1         Teams MUST be on the field and ready to start play 5 minutes before game time.  Failure to be ready takes away from the girls playing time.   

9.2         The game is 6 innings.  A new inning cannot start after one hour and forty minutes (1:40) after the scheduled game time.   Note this is from the scheduled game time and not from the actual starting time.  The only exception here is if the start time was delayed due to factors outside of the coaches’ control (previous game went overtime, etc..)  In this case, any new ‘no-new inning’ time must be announced and agreed to by both coaches and the umpire.

9.3         The batting team must have their catcher ready to play with catcher’s gear on when there are two outs.  If the catcher is on base with two outs, a courtesy runner MUST enter for the catcher.  The courtesy runner is the last batted out.

9.4         Pitchers may take 5 warm-up pitches between innings.  Additional warm-up pitches should be taken off the field of play before the need for the relief pitcher is anticipated.

9.5         All teams will make their best effort to ensure a complete game is played.  Intentional delays will result in a forfeit.

9.6         If 6 innings are completed before one hour and forty minutes and the game is tied, an extra inning will begin.  If the game is tied at the end of an inning after one hour forty minutes, the game will end in a tie.   In summary, no new innings after 1:40 applies to extra innings as well.

9.7    If the last inning continues past an 1:40, it will end after and additional 20 minutes regardless who is up or who has not been up. 




Other Items


       10       Infield fly rule is in effect.

11       Out of play will be marked. If the ball goes out of play, on an over throw, the base runner will get the bases awarded by the umpires (ASA rule is typically 2 bases from the last secured base).  If the ball goes out of play, from a pitch, all base runners advance one base from the base already secured. If a ball goes into foul territory, it is still in play, and runners can advance at their own risk.

12       The ball remains ‘live’ and base runners can continue to advance until the umpire calls timeout or the pitcher is in possession of the ball in the circle at the pitcher’s mound and no play is being made (Look Back Rule). 

13       Reporting Scores – Each team is required to email the 15 & Under Coordinator to report game results, including mention of players’ performance and scores, within 24 hours of the game.

14       Due to Roster batting, if a batter is injured or has left the field, they will be skipped over in the batting order. No out will be charged. If the player returns, they will be inserted back in the spot they held in the line-up.

15       Any rules not listed will be follow ASA rules.








1. All players, coaches, parents and spectators must adhere to the YAC Code of Conduct.

2. All 15 & Under Division Saturday home games will be played at the Downing, Chelsea  or Admin Fields.

3. The home team will sit on the first base line.

4. The only adults that are allowed in the dugout with the team is the Coach and Assistant Coach. We welcome all help offered by parents, but must limit those in the dugout with the girls.  It is very confusing when adults, other then their coaches are telling them what they should, should not or should have done.


INCLEMENT WEATHER: If you are scheduled for the first game, a coach or team representative from each team along with the 15U Coordinator must be at the field 90 minutes prior to the scheduled game time to assess field condition. If the field is questionable the Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner will make the final decision.  Rainouts will be posted on the website. Any game that is rained out on Saturday will be played on the following Sunday.