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June, 2020



Re:      YAC – Covid-19 - Re-opening of Baseball & Softball Programs



Dear YAC Families:


While we believe that a proper response to the Covid-19 pandemic necessarily has to start with personal responsibility by the parents of our child athletes, as part of its commitment to the community for the safety and development of our youth through athletics and in response to the pandemic, Yorktown Athletic Club intends to implement the following safety guidelines, adopted in part from Little League Baseball, as we re-open our baseball and softball events.  We ask that all of our families and participants join us and work together to ensure the safety and health of all involved.


As we re-open Baseball and Softball activities, please follow and adhere to the following guidelines which are intended to serve as a guide and to supplement “best practices” from Federal, State and Local Health Departments for continued health and safety:


I.Clean and Disinfect Shared Equipment and Surfaces:


  • We will encourage parents to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily and in between all facility uses, including practices and games. This includes bats, helmets, gloves and all equipment each player brings to their practices and games. If surfaces are visibly soiled or dirty, they should be cleaned with a detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection.


  • Coaches will be provided with and parents will be encouraged to provide their child(ren) with hand sanitizer for use during games and practices.


  • During games and practices, YAC will encourage coaches and participants to refrain from any unnecessary contact with other coaches and players, and that celebrations should be held in a manner which limits inter-person contact to no more than fist bumps and forearms.


  • In addition, as a means of limiting contact with or sharing equipment, YAC will encourage/require all participants to have their own helmets, bats and gloves and to refrain from sharing same.  During games, each team will provide baseballs/softballs for use by their team's players when on defense.


II.Spread Out Scheduling of Practices and Games:


  • YAC administrators will schedule sufficient time between practices and games to facilitate turnover of the facility/premises so as to minimize overlap of individuals from a previous practice or game and a subsequent practice or game.


  • Players/families/spectators will be instructed not to show up to fields more than 40 minutes before game time.


  • Where possible, individuals should enter the complex through one point of entry and exit through another.


  • Arrivals to the complex will be scheduled to help ensure a large number of individuals are not arriving at the same time.


  • If there is a game or practice prior to your event, families and spectators will be encouraged to stay in their vehicles or at recommended social distances until the start of their game play to prevent overcrowding of spectator spaces and walkways.


  • On-field warm-up will be limited as much as is reasonably possible and no more than 30 minutes.


  • We will ensure that practices and games follow all local and state directives regarding the number of people allowed to gather in one place.


III.Limiting Spectator Attendance:


  • YAC will encourage all spectators to follow best social distancing practices — stay six feet away from individuals outside their household; wear a cloth face covering; avoid direct hand or other contact with players/managers/coaches during play.


  • If necessary and to further ensure safety of participants and spectators, YAC may choose to minimize the exposure risk to spectators by limiting attendance to only essential volunteers and limited family members.


  • YAC will encourage spectators to bring their own seating or portable chairs when possible.
  • YAC will require that a spectator with any of the following conditions should not attend a practice or game until evaluated by a medical provider and given clearance to do so:
    • Active COVID-19 infection;
    • Known direct contact with an individual testing positive for COVID-19;
    • Fever; or
    • Cough.


  • Although a matter of personal responsibility, YAC will encourage those at higher risk for severe disease to consider consultation with their medical provider before attending a game and that they should ensure the strictest adherence to guidelines regarding face coverings, distancing and handwashing. Such groups include:
    • Those with a serious underlying medical condition, including heart disease, morbid obesity, diabetes, lung disease, immunocompromised, chronic kidney disease, and chronic lung disease.;
    • Those currently residing in a nursing home or long-term care facility; and
    • Those over 65.


IV.Public Restrooms:


  • Access to public restrooms should be limited, if possible.


  • A “one-in-one-out” policy, where only one individual is permitted within the restroom at one time, should be implemented to ensure adequate distancing in the confined restroom space.


  • Prior to and after any league activity, restrooms should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Restrooms should be disinfected on a regular basis.


  • Public water fountains or refillable water stations should not be used, and should be turned off to discourage use, if possible.


V.Concession Stands:

  • No food or concession sales will be allowed at facilities.


  • Families are encouraged to bring their own food/beverages.


As we continue as a community to recover from this pandemic, we encourage you to do so with an open mind and open heart.  We ask that you be mindful of others as you attend and participant in YAC events and that you adhere to the above guidelines respectfully and peacefully, remembering that YAC is first and foremost about the health, safety and development of our children.


We are Yorktown Strong!






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by posted 03/17/2018
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